Helpful Technical Support

Always Available, Always Helpful


We work with a wide range of connected devices. Be it Smartwatch, Smart TV or Home Automation, The Helpful Computer, is always ready to help you out! We promise to deliver fast, friendly, reliable and professional service.


We provide routine maintenance on your computer to keep it running like new and also provide removal of any pop ups or viruses on your computer to avoid interruptions during your work.

Get these services in person or virtually, that’s for you to decide!




Friendly and reliable


The Helpful Computer has focused exclusively on technology for years, and is recognized as a frontrunner in the IT sector. Our skilled team has the profundity and experience for even the most complex IT tasks. Our consistent and sustainable growth, mainly through word-of-mouth referrals from customers speaks out for our reliability in the field.



Device Repair

Dropped your phone or tablet? Looking for basic support on your iPhone or Android? We help you through some frustrating hardware and software issues with your mobile phones and tablets that get in the way of every day life.

Let us setup a repair for you without any appointments. Drop us a message or call us and get your device fixed!




personalized support

Our services are tailored to each customer or specific problem. We take into account all of the your needs, projects and budget to create customized support plan that will enable you to do more with technology.



Technology that works for you.

Too busy? Let us do the leg work and take care of any warranty related issues with whatever manufactures you’ve bought your device from. We pick up your device and drop it back off to you after getting it repaired or replaced.

Disconnecting and traveling with technology can be a chaos. We provide at home computer support. We come to your house or business.

Always on Call for you. Get immediate answers to frustrating questions. Call, Text or Email us!